Do Hillary Clinton’s Wrinkles show bad health ?

Do Hillary Clinton’s Wrinkles show bad health ?

Does she use fillers ? Speculation ahead.


Scott Adams has also speculated that Clinton’s appearance shows ill health possibly.

Some days she looks moderately okay and not wrinkled and shrewish.

Other days her face is filled with wrinkles and crags.


I (scott adams of dilbert) have blogged and tweeted that Hillary Clinton looks unhealthy to me. And I have mentioned on Twitter that one of the skills of a hypnotist is identifying subtle bodily changes. Observation is a huge part of a hypnotist’s skill. You look for micro changes in muscle tone, breathing, posture, and anything else that can tell you whether your technique is working or you need to quickly pivot to a new approach. Think of it as rapid A-B testing on humans. And like any skill, one gets better with practice. I have more than three decades of practice for specific skill.

What I see in Clinton’s health is an unusual level of variability. Sometimes her eyes bug out, sometimes they are tired and baggy. Sometimes she looks puffy, sometimes not. It would be easy to assume fatigue is the important variable. And that is clearly a big factor. But notice that the other candidates have little variability in their physicality. Trump always looks like Trump. Cruz always looks like Cruz, and so on. Sometimes we think we can detect fatigue in their answers, but visually the other candidates appear about the same every day.

Clinton, on the other hand, looks like an entirely different person every few days. That suggests some greater variability in her health. And that’s probably a tell for medications that are waxing and waning but rarely at the ideal levels. Or perhaps the underlying conditions have normal variability. Or both.

Under normal circumstances it would be deeply irresponsible for a cartoonist to give a medical diagnosis to a stranger he hasn’t met. I trust you to ignore my medical opinions. I do this to build a record of my persuasion-related predictions and to show you the method.

I give Clinton a 50% chance of making it to November with sufficiently good health to be considered a viable president. Judging from her performance on the campaign trail, she is managing her health effectively to get the job done. But I would think most people who run for president end up sacrificing their health in some measure. The big question is how much buffer she has left.


Now a leading cosmetic surgeon has claimed that there have been at least 30 cases of vision loss – and that the injections have also caused strokes in some patients.

The value of the UK cosmetic procedures market was £2.3 billion in 2010, and it is estimated that figure will grow  to £3.6 billion by 2015. Non-surgical procedures account for 75 per cent of the total.

Yet because fillers are legally classified as implants rather than drugs, they are not subject to the same regulations, and as such they can legally be injected by anyone – trained or otherwise.

The jabs are behind the much derided ‘trout pout’ phenomenon, where the gel is injected into the lips in order to enlarge the pout. However, the outcome can often look cartoonish and unsightly. Depending on the type of gel used, the result – no matter how garish – can be permanent.

Yet a poor cosmetic result is just a minor complication compared with the potential risks involved. ‘The problem comes when filler is accidentally injected into an artery,’ explains Dr De Silva.


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