10 tips how to Prevent Wrinkles during Weight Loss

10 tips how to Prevent Wrinkles during Weight Loss

Wrinkles may occur especially when we grow old. Less collagen results in saggy skin with wrinkles. Lots of factors contribute to this process. You can prevent wrinkles naturally: Don’t Smoke,Stay Hydrated,Eat Lots of Antioxidants,Use a Nontoxic Moisturizer,Eat Lots of Saturated Fat,Use a Nontoxic Sunscreen,Moisturizing Face Masks,Fermented Cod Liver Oil, Get Plenty of Sleep and Gelatin. Why gelatin? Gelatin is made from cooked collagen (from pigs and cows). So taking a dietary supplement of natural collagen is a magic fix!

My face is always the first way that people recognize I’ve lost weight. They always say, “I can tell in your face.” Unfortunately, this is not necessarily a good thing as I’ve gotten older. In fact, even when I’ve lost down to what would be considered a healthy weight for me (as I’ve done now), my face has a tendency to look gaunt and older. I get “you’re too skinny” comments from my family. I’m currently 135, and my original goal weight was 145 because I didn’t want my face to look gaunt. However, I’ve kept slowly losing as I’ve tried to figure out my maintenance calories. Now, I’m eating 2100-2200 per day so that I do not lose more because I don’t want to lose more in my face.

When you’re younger, you can get away with it, and usually, losing in one’s face makes a positive difference in one’s appearance.

It really pays to be informed. While we cannot pretend to know it all, having an inquisitive and open mind allows us to be better equipped to make decisions about our own bodies’ health and disposition of mind.

The skin is often referred to as your first defense. And because it is in the line of fire, it acts like a shock absorber. But after all the wear and tear, all the pulling and rubbing, the laughter and the crying, plus exposure to the elements as well as stress, the skin begins to show signs of having undergone several battles.

If only we could get brand-new skin! Most dermatologists agree on one thing: the best skin-saving advice is to stay away from the sun. Sun exposure damages the skin. So here are some skin-saving tips:

2) Drink loads of water. Challenge yourself to 12-15 glasses daily. Some people complain that they feel like choking after drinking so much water. It’s all in the mind. Sip it slowly.

3) Increase vitamin C intake from 1,000-3,000 daily. Vitamin C is essential to collagen formation. Drink up on citrus fruit juices—oranges, limes, lemons.


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